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Comments from the Dementia Workshop sponsored by Guardian and Protective Services: 

Excellent! The personal touch was great, and it was good to end (a long workshop) on a lighter note.

I was the caregiver for my grandmother...the person who she took out her anger on. No one ever told me to take a break and not feel guilty. Really, the presentation was beautiful. Thank you! 

Wonderful! Hopeful and peaceful on the heels of all the legal stuff (of the event). The stories were worth savoring.  

Touched on an important point – let yourself feel the grief and frustration without feeling guilty. Giver yourself a break. Good to have the first-hand accounting of a caregiver.  

The information was wonderful! My mother is dealing with this with my grandpa...the speaker was excellent. Her own personal story is very touching. I enjoyed the reading from her book.

A wonderful speaker with a caring voice. Straight forward, honest and helpful!  
Carol, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you for taking your valuable time to provide a presentation for the Fargo VA employees entitled Minding Our Elders. We gathered so much important information that we can utilize in our every day practice. You were right on target with your comments to include the importance of including family in those key discussions. I heard so many positive comments about your presentation and I plan to discuss many of your comments with our Customer Service Team.  
Karen R, Robinson, PhD, RN 
Associate Director for Patient Care Department of Veterans Affairs Fargo, ND  
Carol, What a tremendous job you did speaking today! I really, really appreciate your speaking style, and the depth of content which you shared. I struggled to not sob outloud! The part about when your Dad died in your arms...I was choked up and wiping away tears as unobtrusively as I could. While it’s something I'd rather avoid (crying in public) I think it was worth it because of the value of the content of your presentation. I think you touched a lot of hearts and made the point of what it’s all about. Thanks for being so open with your thoughts and feelings. What a gift! I also want to commend you for including the spiritual in your talk. It may be risky to share that you actually sensed his spirit leaving, but I think people are too much in denial about things of the spirit, and they need to hear it now and then from credible people like you. 
 Julie Sorenson Safe Stay, Moorhead, MN 
Carol, I want you to know it was my privilege to hear you speak about your book. Your honesty and compassion for caregivers and their loved ones is overwhelmingly fresh. I was surprised to realize I was moved to tears by your stories as you were re-living many of the emotions the people I counsel experience. It is clear to me that this is your ministry. 
Doreen Vosburg Vosburg Counseling...for Seniors  
Carol Bradley Bursack is a dynamic speaker. Her message was not only informative, but it was heartfelt. I look forward to attending more gatherings where she will be presenting. 
Laura HagenDirector of Social Services Pelican Valley Health Center 
Dear Carol, I read your column every week, but hearing you in person and listening to your stories and experiences brought not only tears but laughter. You are right – we are not alone!  
Maggie Driscoll Oaks Program Director