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January 1, 2018

Minding our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories is a portable support group, a reminder that you aren't alone. Each story about caring for the elderly is self-contained. Each person telling his or her story knows the pain you feel in watching a loved one suffer, the joy of giving of oneself, and the emotional and physical exhaustion of the whole experience. Minding Our Elders is an intimate and powerful resource for caregivers, filled with true stories about seniors and aging parents.

It's the hope of the author that Minding Our Elders will become wrinkled from use and stained by tears. This book can be your own   teddy bear to hold on to when the going gets rough. May you also find some shared humor and pass on any comfort you can. There is great need of it.

Whether you are a baby boomer, part of the sandwich generation, a spousal caregiver or any combination of the three, you will find help on this site, and on the Minding Our Elders Blog. Give caregivers you know a copy of this book. It's a way to show that you, too, understand.

Another way to break caregiver isolation is to secure outside help so the primary caregiver can have time for some self-care. There are good agencies in nearly every area of the country that can deliver care to the home. There are also adult day services and other care options.

For nuts and bolts help with hands-on care, use trusted agencies that require background checks,  proper degrees of training and offer flexibility.

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